The soul portraits are a combination between a personalized psychic reading covering past lives, life journey and empowerment and highly developed aura portraiture.

These are customized per person and can be commissioned. There are several sizes to choose from. The smallest portrait takes three weeks to finish. All of these are psychically channeled. A reading accompanies the portrait to explain what story is there for the client. This makes an excellent gift for the people in your life that you would like to give an impressive present to that is entirely unique and individual. Or for those who wish to be empowered by the image of their incredible soul history. These portraits are welcomed with awe and loving joy. They always invoke greater clarity and answer many questions for the to see more samples


Past Life Soul Portrait:

This soul portrait was done as a wedding gift for one of my relatives and it makes a good sample of a combined past life portrait and is just a synopsis of the actual reading.

I looked into their energy to track down where they knew each other before and their history of love. I found a bittersweet story that took many lifetimes to resolve. They had this lesson to learn about how worldly matters can impact a perfect pairing. The last life they were a successful and loving pair before this one actually took place in an entirely different solar system and is represented by the panel to the left and above with the sea of stars.

Apparently when they chose to manifest their energy on the more challenging plane of earth karma they spent lives finding each other and yet not connecting to the extent that they would have preferred. The middle life is placed in the central panel.


A separate life in France she was an architect working primarily on the design of churches due to her strong faith.

She was a daughter of a textiles tradesman and lived fairly wealthy due to her family’s involvement in import/export and the creation of fabulous clothing. Though she loved her Soulmate he went off to war promising to return but sadly never succeeding in keeping that promise.

The next life I was shown carried the theme again when I was shown that she was a military nurse in WWII and he was a Flying Fortress pilot. It was another case of his pledge of love followed by her losing him in war.

This was the case in many of their less featured lives and it is what took them so long to walk down the isle in this one. Amusingly before I told them of the history involved in their karma; whenever he would go anywhere she would call him quite worried that he would never return. She had no idea how deeply rooted this fear was in her past life memory. And how valid it was on a soul memory level. I also learned after I had finished this portrait that she actually owned a WWII military nurse uniform that she had a deep and inexplicable connection to, which she couldn’t quite understand.


The animals presented in the portrait are the totemic protection watching over the relationship. There is more involved, but that is simply because the portraits are deeply complex as are the people they are created for. The panel in the bright colors to the right is the Now in Creation, and has a touch of aura reading and blessing combined. This life has allowed them to celebrate their reunion and heal from the losses of the past.