Medicine Cards, Tarot and Runes: (5-40 minutes)

The different styles of readings available cover general life events from 3-6 months into the future. Past, present and future are covered in an easy to understand and clear method. Great deals of fun for the curious as these are the shorter readings. Medicine Cards are my personal favorite to work with as they incorporate the Medicine Path that helps both to mend current problems as they tell a story of the future.

Tarot: I love to use playful, unusual and diverse cards while Tarot reading. The choices of decks range from Fairies, Angels and Aliens to the more traditional.

Runes: My runes are hand carved amethyst and resonate very gently.

Channeled Palm Reading: (5-15 minutes)

I have a highly evolved and unique way of reading palms. It is a Native American form of palmistry that has very little in common with the traditional forms of Chiromancy. It is both channeled information and covers what elements are your primary strengths. A lot of fun!

Native American Totem Readings: (30 min.- 1 hour)

This reading offers great insight for those who wish to explore a deeper meaning in life. This one time only reading discovers your animal guides, who are permanently watching, protecting and directing you. The animals both represent your personality traits and the strengths that you bring into this life. The guides make clear your abilities, lessons, talents and challenges. Contacting your animal spirits will empower you to achieve your highest potential while teaching you to interact harmoniously with the Earth and all of Nature.

In Depth Career Reading and Chart: (1 hour)

The Career Reading is customized for those seeking clarity. It is best for those who are confused about what career would best suit them or wonder if they should follow through on some career choice. This is ideal for those who have unfulfilled job experiences. This is also helpful for multi-talented individuals who need focus and want to achieve success in their chosen career.

Aura Reading: (1-3 Hours)
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Your body’s energy centers tell an amazing story. In a colorful and enchanting design, your aura will be revealed through the images that your energy projects through your palm. This specialized reading covers multi-levels of your past lives, past, present and future. There are startling details revealed in this clairvoyant reading. Connection to Spirit Guides also tends to come up. This reading is insightful to your strengths and weaknesses. Healing guidance will allow you to understand your growth process. You will receive a lovely multi-colored portrait representing your aura. This is an intensive reading and you must allow up to three hours for this to take place. Tape recordings are encouraged this can be a lot to absorb!

Party Readings: (Minimum 2 hours)

You may choose from any of the above psychic services. Also offered are Pet Readings and Lessons in Individual Magic Techniques.

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