I am a clairvoyant with twenty-two years of experience in the study and practice of metaphysics. Clairvoyant is a French word that means "clear sight". This is the ability to see clear images that tell a story. This is something I was born with, but 22 years ago at the age of ten I made the personal choice to pursue the study of metaphysical beliefs and phenomena.

When I started, I entered with the heart of hopeful innocence, but the clarity of a skeptic. This skepticism, teamed with an intense desire to expand past imagined limitations, is why I am strong and confident in my abilities today. I entered into this realm with the attitude of "If I can not do this, it does not exist." But with each earnest try followed by each fantastic success, my heart and mind agreed in the joyous validity of the psychic field and the wonderful way of bringing clarity to many situations.

My Grandfather and Aunt were the first to influence my early development. My Aunt was a Tarot Reader who could Trance Channel. When I was four years old I asked her to teach me to read the cards, she felt I was a bit young and instead introduced me to Astrology. It was a very good springboard for my talents and inquisitive nature. My Grandfather was of Native American heritage and taught me through story and exchange many levels of his native spirituality. He very strongly encouraged me to follow the path of Shamanism. On my own I explored and studied Dream Interpretation, Aura Reading, working with Spirit Guides and much more. My main ideology was and has been to expand and explore always.

To date I have found the greatest spiritual enlightenment in the waters of Australia, amongst what I have found to be the most highly attuned beings that I have encountered embodied thus far. The Dolphins of Australia clearly communicated to me through a lucid dream state and told me stories of the heart. My work with the wild dolphins has been my deepest accomplishment so far. With my diverse background and understandings I broke through the silence and had constant confirmation of the connection through daily interaction and occurrences. As a Clairvoyant with all these years of experience behind me, I have much insightful knowledge to offer to those who work with me.